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Welcome to college 101

I haven’t been on here in actually forever but I need to vent and I’m in college and my roomie’s asleep which means I can’t write anywhere else. Yes I love college and the freedom and the free time and even my classes aren’t bad and the boys are beautiful. BUT I DON’T FUCKING UNDERSTAND. I have encountered the three biggest douche moments in the past 7 days and honestly I’m so broken it’s ridiculous. College life and alcohol DO NOT give guys the right to act like assholes, treat girls like property or shit, or fucking cheat on their girlfriends. It’s disgusting. I literally only feel safe with 3 guys on this entire campus and that scares the shit out of me, especially because I already knew one before coming here so he barely counts.

Also it’s the most agitating thing that guys think I’m stupid or naive or that desperate. I’m the complete opposite of dumb, and I thought I came to a college where people were maybe even classy sometimes. Is that just nonexistent? I don’t know maybe that is dumb. So done for this weekend.


guys: why do girls care about their weight so much, it's so annoying
guys: ew, fat chicks
guys: ew, skinny chicks
guys: ew

So confused on what to do


Because I had one goal today and it was not accomplished